Production Procedure


The specifications of boats and Engine details will be collected from clients and that data will be our input for design calculations .The optimum design would be finalized with respect to the theoretical aspects as well as practical. Then autocad drawings will be generated accordingly.

Pattern Making

Once the drawing is ready, patterns would be made from wood as per the drawings providing required shrinkage and machining allowances.Propeller patterns would be checked thoroughly  by using pitchometer.Smooth surface will be generated for smooth castings.


Using the patterns the sand moulds will be generated in metal mould boxes by sufficient ramming. Co2 gas will be fed into the moulds for mould strengthening. Highly skilled foundry men are there to produce top quality moulds with fine tuned runner and riser design for better castings.Specialmeasuresnwould be taken for castings without blowholes, porosity,slag inclusions and other imperfections.


Once the moulds are ready,  alloy metal ingots will be melted in the oil fired tilting crucible furnace to the melting point. The molten metal will be taken in a secondary crucible when it reaches the melting point using the tilting system. Then the molten metal will be poured into the moulds  to form metal casts, thereafter leaving the metal to get solidified at room temperature. The fumes and smoke from the furnace will be exhausted out through hoodand chimney system.

Quality control

The castings will be inspected thoroughly for defects.Dye penetrant and Ultrasonic testings would be done if required.Castings would be either accepted or rejected according to the criteria.


The casts as well as the stainless steel and Mild steel raw shafts,tubes and plates will be taken for undergoing operations such as machining, drilling ,shaping ,milling ,welding,grinding.Then  buffing will be done for smooth metal surfaces on every products.Propellers would be checked by using pitchometer and pitch corrections would be made in tolerance level.Bladetemplates,blade section gauges are used for checking and finetuning the blade profiles.

Grinding & Polishing

Highly skilled labourers are there to provide smooth blade surfaces with accurate pitch distributions.Polishing  and texturing would be done in varieties according to the series of propellers.

Service & Maintenance

We are well equipped with the advanced facilities for the repair of damaged propeller and propeller shafts.We do pitch correction,reshaping and brazing of damaged propellers.