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Propeller is a vital part of a marine vessel.Without that a vessel is just a float with a lower stability. A few propellers of  certain combinations of diameter , pitch , blade area ratio , blade profile could be viable for a single vessel. But for the best performance and fuel efficiency the optimum combination must be chosen.Here we could help you to design the best suitable propeller for vessel as per the given particulars.Wemanufacture 3 bladed,4 bladed and 5 bladed  in Manganese Bronze,NickelAluminium Bronze as per the requirement.The propellers would be also provided skew,rake,cupping as per the design.
Sterntube Assembly
Sterntube assembly is to accommodate the propeller shaft arrangement on the vessel hull.It contains Sterntube  along with bush housing,stuffing box,gland and Cutlass rubber bearings.Sterntube is supplied in M.S. , S.S.  or  Brass. Other items are in Manganese Bronze or Gunmetal castings.Cutlass Rubber Bearings are of Manganese Bronze or Gunmetal shell with Nitrile or Neoprene rubber.
Rudder Assembly
Rudder Assembly is to direct the vessel with a steering system.It consists of Trunk tube,Rudder stock, Rudder shaft,Rudder blade,Tiller,Bush,Stuffing box,Gland.Trunk tube is supplied in M.S., Manganese Bronze or  Gunmetal.Stuffing box,Gland,Bush comes in Manganese Bronze or Gunmetal.Rudder stock and Shaft comes in S.S.304 L,S.S. 316 L.Rudder Blade comes in M.S. or Manganese Bronze casting.
Metal bushes or Cutlass Rubber Bearings can be manufactured as per the drawings from customers.The shells can be of Manganese Bronze,Gunmetal and rubber is of Nitrile, Neoprene.Standard sized bushes are available with us any time, custom made bushes also could be supplied as per requirement.
Intermediate shaft assembly
Intermediate shaft assembly is to transmit rotation from gear box to Propeller shaft.It consists of shaft, Couplings,Plummer block bearings. The shaft is supplied in M.S.  or EN 8 and Couplings in M.S.
Propeller shaft assembly
Propeller shaft assembly is to transmit the rotation and torque to Propeller.It consists of  Shaft,Couplings,Propellernut,shaft keys .Shaft is supplied in S.S.304 L,S.S.316 L,Duplex steel and Propeller nut is supplied  in Manganese Bronze or Gunmetal.Couplings comes in S.S. , M.S. and Shaft keys come in S.S.  or  Brass.
Sacrificial Anodes
Sacrificial anodes are widely used for the Cathodic protection of Vessel Hull which is submerged inwater.We supply Zinc and Aluminium Anodes in various dimensions, as per the size of the vessels. Shaft ring Anodes are also supplied for the special propeller shaft protection.
Seacock is a valve used for permitting water flow into the vessel hull inorder to provide water into the drains,enginecooling,tolietsetc.It comes in many sizes as per the water intake quantity.S.S. andMnBr seacocks are available with us.